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Gentrification in Harlem

How do you feel about the gentrification/changes occurring in Harlem?

"I feel that the African American population in Harlem has been asleep for  a long time to the possibilities of the gentrification /changes facing Harlem today. Unfortunately, the landlords and corporations in 'partnership' are taking advantage of the current populace; that is totally unaware of their plight."

Has any of the gentrification occurring in Harlem affected you directly or indirectly, and ifso, is it negative or positive?

"Yes, because of the viciousness of the landlord of Savoy Park.  I was ousted in December 2007, but I was able to pay all fees and remain in the tenancy.  Despite much of my eviction being my fault.  One way they treated me in court was overtly vicious.  I pay about one third of what they are asking for two and half bedrooms and they made it quite obvious they wanted me out."